3 Common Pregnancy Complications that a Pregnant Women can Experience

Your emotions and thoughts reach the peak or overdrive when you come to know that you are pregnant. When a lad becomes pregnant it is the most exciting time for her. Because she knows that she is going to start a new chapter of her life.

Excitement to bring a child into this world is fantastic, but a woman also fears that the pregnancy can go wrong, as some women experience pregnancy complications. No doubt, most pregnant ladies don’t experience any difficulties. But the Karachi best gynecologist argues that it does not mean that every pregnancy will progress without any health condition.

It is a rough estimate that almost eight percent of women experience pregnancy complications. If pregnant women don’t take action or measures against these complications, then they can harm the baby as well as the mother.

When a doctor diagnoses a pregnancy complication, it can be scary for most women. Pregnant women may be worried about their baby’s health. These worries can increase stress levels in pregnant women. Even pregnant women with high-stress levels may also have panic attacks.

Most complications or health problems that a woman experiences during pregnancy are treatable. In addition, these complications are also preventable if a woman takes several measures. A pregnant woman can also get prenatal care.

After getting prenatal care, you will also be able to take care of yourself and you will have a better idea about pregnancy complications. If you know about complications that are common during pregnancy, then it will be easy to overcome them.

Common Pregnancy Complications

These complications are quite common during pregnancy; however, not every single pregnant woman will experience them, but some can experience:

1- Gestational Diabetes

The body, no matter whether you are pregnant or not, becomes unable to break down sugar when you experience sugar. Diabetes also has several types, and gestational diabetes mellitus is one of them that appears during pregnancy.

The major risk of gestational diabetes is that it can make your baby grow larger than normal. In medical terms, we call this complication macrosomia. If your baby grows larger than normal, the chances of severe medical conditions will increase significantly. For instance, the shoulder or leg of the baby can stuck in the womb during delivery.

In addition, the larger growth of the baby can also increase the risks of cesarean section. Therefore, pregnant women need, at any cost, to take measures to prevent gestational diabetes mellitus. However, there are no clear symptoms of this medical condition. Even doctors will be able to diagnose it after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant women who are overweight are at high risk of this problem. The million-dollar question is is it possible to prevent this health condition during pregnancy? The answer is yes because losing weight and eating a healthy diet will help you to prevent gestational diabetes mellitus.

The doctor will give you a plan that will effectively help in preventing GDM. Good and healthy along with effective exercises will be the best option to start with. Doctors believe that a good diet can control the high risks of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. However, it is difficult, for some pregnant women, to control gestational diabetes. General physicians can recommend medications to these women.

2- Preeclampsia

If there is a severe increase in high blood pressure levels, then we call this condition preeclampsia. This health condition, preeclampsia, can even lead to death if pregnant women leave it untreated. Usually, after twenty weeks of pregnancy, preeclampsia appears. In addition, it can also occur in pregnant women who have no medical history of high blood pressure.

Preeclampsia does not only cause a severe rise in blood pressure levels. But it can also cause some health problems. Pain under the ribs, a change in vision, as well as severe headaches. When some pregnant women experience high blood pressure, a doctor tries to know whether it is preeclampsia or anything else.

A doctor or general physician can recommend any pregnant woman a kidney or liver function test to know the cause of high blood pressure during pregnancy. Pregnant women with obesity or a history of high blood pressure are at high risk of experiencing this health condition.

In addition, if a woman is pregnant with multiples, then there is also a high chance of this health condition. The best thing to prevent preeclampsia is to live a healthy life during pregnancy.

3- Placenta Previa

The placenta is in charge of providing nutrients to your baby for healthy and proper development. If the placenta covers the uterus opening completely, then this condition appears. Pregnant women who have scars on their uterus experience placenta previa.

Uterine surgery or fibroids can also increase the risks of this problem.