How Far Is It From Punta Arenas to Santiago?

How Far Is It From Punta Arenas to Santiago? If you have a friend who drives the shift, you can drive the entire move without stopping. It’s a long drive, so non-stop driving is not very practical. To get a good idea of ​​how long this road trip will take, scroll down to calculate how long it would take to drive between Punta Arenas, Chile, and Santiago, Chile, in the fastest straight line possible with stops.

  • Non-stop drive: 1,876 miles or 3019 km
  • Drive time: 33 hours 59 minutes

Due to the curvature of the Earth, the shortest distance is the “great circle” or “crow’s feet” distance and is calculated using the iterative Vincenti formula. For long routes, this is shown as a curve on the map. It is often a route used by commercial airlines, so it’s a good estimate of the frequent flyer miles you’ll earn.

  • Flight Distance: 1,360 miles or 2189 km
  • Flight Time: 3 hours 13 minutes

The straight flight distance is 516 miles less than the road, so the mileage is approximately 1.4 times the flight distance. Your plane flies too faster than a car, so flight time is about 1/11th of driving time.

Medium haul flights are so private that he can book commercial flights as long as he doesn’t have a jet. In this case, travel time should include the time to arrive at the local airport, wait for security, board the runway, take a taxi, land at another airport, and reach your destination. Scroll down to see a more realistic calculation that considers all these factors for a more accurate estimate of your actual flight time.

Punta Arenas to Santiago Road Trip

Realistically, you wouldn’t want to drive non-stop from Punta Arenas to Santiago. For example, let’s say you’re planning a road trip to Santiago and need to stop along the way for a break. If this is a real road trip, you might want to stop at interesting places along the way, eat at great restaurants, and find hotels to stay in. Trippy is perfect for this, helping you plan your trip in detail. Due to the length of this trip, we hope you will split this fun road trip into several days.

Road Trip: 4-Day Drive

Once the complete itinerary is planned, estimate the travel time for this trip inmate. Driving time: 32.5 hours, three nights stay.

Itinerary Departs from Punta Arenas.

Drive for about 3.5 hours, stop at Rio Gallegos, and stay about 1 hour. Then drive another 6.5 hours and stop at Fitz Roy. Stay overnight.

  • The next day drives about 9 hours and stops in San Carlos de Bariloche overnight.
  • The next day drives about 6.5 hours and stops at Temuco for an overnight stay.
  • The next day drives about 4.5 hours and stops at Talca for about 1 hour.
  • Finally arrived in Santiago after a three-hour drive.

For more details on this itinerary, including recommended restaurants, hotels, and things to see along the way, check out our complete road trip planner. For example, you have a private plane and just wanted to know the flight time from city to city. But most of us fly on commercial airlines (first class or coach). It means you must factor in all the extra travel time between arriving at the airport, waiting for your flight, and reaching your destination.

To better understand real travel, we’ve put together flight schedules using real airports. Finally, you can customize this plan by choosing airports and flights. Here I have selected an example that shows how airport-to-airport travel works.

  • Departure Airport: Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport (PUQ)
  • Arrival Airport: Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL)

Arrival at the airport: 32 minutes

Arrival at destination: 24 minutes. Take the example of a flight from PUQ to SCL and calculate the flight time, including takeoff and landing, and the time to taxi on the runway. 

Commercial Flight Time: 3 hours 13 minutes

Now you have a final idea of ​​the total travel time from Punta Arenas to Santiago, including the round trip time to and from the airport and an estimated 2-hour waiting time there.

Total travel time: 6 hours

For more information on this flight schedule, including preferred airports and airlines, see Flight Planner.

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