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  • September 27, 2022

How to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper

How to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper? There are a few ways to make hearts out of gum wrappers. Both kids and adults can have a good time making them. When you’re done, you’ll have a cute and unique decoration for your house. You can make a heart using a gum wrapper.

In the first step, fold the gum wrapper. Next, fold the bottom half square in half. After that, fold the top half so that the two folds meet in the middle. Now, bring the two folds together to make a heart shape. The bottom of the heart will be flat, and the sides and top will be round.

Folding of Other Half

Fold the other half of the wrapper. Line up the short side with the long side of the rectangle carefully, and press down on the fold to keep it in place. Then, fold the square half the other way to make a crease on each side. The wrapper should look like a heart when you’re done.

Another thing you can do with gum wrappers is making hearts from them. You can use a gum wrapper to make a heart for someone you care about or to use it as a decoration at home. You can even use gum wrappers to create a bookmark in the shape of a heart.


These wrapper hearts make for good gifts for people you care about and are a sweet way to show someone you care. They are also simple to create. You can use these cute little hearts in a million different ways. You can even give them as a thank-you gift. The heart made from a gum wrapper is a sweet thing to do for your sweetheart or someone you care about.

You can make it out of paper, cardboard, or foil, among other things. First, fold the paper’s bottom and top corners to the middle for the heart shape. Then, fold the paper in half horizontally, with the crease facing the person getting the card. Once the form is folded in half, you can use gum to hold the heart shape in place.

Gum wrapper heart

  • Fold the gum wrapper in half, so they meet in the middle diagonally.
  • The bottom half is folded over the top, and the folds are brought together.
  • Put a heart shape on the two pieces of paper by sticking them together. Now you can open up the heart with a heart-shaped bottom, rounded sides, and a ridge at the top.
  • Once the glue dries, cut the gum wrapper heart out with a sharpened plastic card. If the heartbreaks, put a small amount of super glue on the ends to keep it from falling apart. Once you know how to make a heart from a gum wrapper, you can practice with an empty wrapper. Once you know how to do it, you can use gum wrapper hearts to make many different crafts.
  • Fold the four corners down to make a heart from a gum wrapper. If the seat is too big, you can cut the heart with a plastic card. After you sharpen it, your gum wrapper heart shouldn’t need much work to keep its shape. You can also put tiny glue dots on the gum wrapper’s corners. Plus, you can use your heart.