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  • October 29, 2022

Lively Wallpaper Alternatives and Similar Software

Lively Wallpaper Alternatives. Free and open-source software for animated desktop wallpapers that enhance the beauty of your desktops and mobile phones while providing unique desktops. A FOSS project that brings loads of amazing features and functionalities right into the palm of your hands. Wallpaper playback pauses whenever the user uses an app or plays any game. Lively Wallpaper supports multiple monitors, ultrawide aspect ratios, HiDPI resolutions, and more.

Users can use interactive and dynamic webpages, audio visualizers, and 3D applications, as well as wallpapers for their desktops. Some of its elegant features include Automatic tile generation, stream wallpapers, performance settings, and more.

You can also use your desired video as your Wallpaper. You must drop videos and webpages into lively windows to set them as your desktop wallpapers. Download it on Windows to enjoy the best live wallpapers and bring your desktop to life.

Alternatives of Lively Wallpaper

1. 4K Wallpapers-Lively Wallpaper Alternatives

Auto Wallpaper Changer app contains thousands of free HD wallpapers and amazing backgrounds. You can choose between full HD and 4K versions of wallpapers to save for your mobile phones and tablets. In addition, it contains some special categories, including Abstract, Animals, Aircraft, Cars and Motorcycles, Airplanes, Bokeh, Video Games, Nature, Space, Galaxy, Anime, Celebrities, Fantasy, and various others. 4K Wallpapers is a simple, sleek, and fast wallpaper changer that helps you give real beauty to your wallpapers. 

2. Kappboom-Lively Wallpaper Alternatives

 Live Wallpapers App is a stunning app with more than 200,000 cool and beautiful wallpapers at your fingertips. These wallpapers are carefully curated for users who always want exclusive wallpapers over their phones and desktops. It is a memory-optimized, fast, and smooth wallpaper app that brings HD wallpapers right to the palm of your hand. In addition, you can send any wallpaper to your watch list and watch them by tapping.

3. WALLOOP-Lively Wallpaper Alternatives

An excellent platform that contains a massive collection of 3D live wallpapers, gif wallpapers, video wallpapers, 4K wallpapers, and so much more. You can enjoy finding the most amazing 4K wallpapers, including Nature, Super, Heroes, Love, Nature, and so much more. Change the wallpapers automatically and set a loop of your most likely wallpapers. You can use your videos as live wallpapers and put them over your desktops and Android devices. WALLOOP is optimized for Super Amoled,…

4. Walli

If you are looking for some amazing 4K wallpaper, free HD wallpapers, amazing HD backgrounds, or ultra-HD wallpapers, then Walli is here. Walli is a gorgeous platform that brings hundreds or thousands of amazing wallpapers to boost the look of your cell phone. It ensures that you always have a cool HD background or Wallpaper. It brings one of the most inspiring and beautiful wallpapers to make you happy, and your phone looks cute. Walli – 4K, HD.

5. Rainmeter

A stunning desktop customization utility enables global users to display customization skins on their PCs and laptops, from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio. Rainmeter – Desktop Customization Tool is open-source and free software under the GNU GPL v2 license. It comes with a few simple starter skins, but most of the community is the skins you download. Rainmeter Skins- Desktop Customization Tool app uses very little resource from hardware. 

6. Splashify

Splashify contains stunning desktop wallpapers with a single click of a button. You can choose from more than 500K outstanding photos taken by awesome photographers worldwide. With a single click, you can set these amazing wallpapers as desktops for your mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. It helps you choose from a vast selection of hi-res, royalty-free pics with over 30K new photos added each month. In addition, you can save your most likely desktop wallpapers.


Overall, these are the best alternatives to Lively Wallpapers. If you have any suggestions, you can tell us about other interesting apps that can replace the animated Wallpaper.