Tesla Phone Price-Rumors, Features, Innovative concept

Tesla Phone Price. Tesla might unveil its latest technological masterpiece – the Tesla Phone Pi. It would certainly be a technological breakthrough not only because it would be Tesla’s first ever phone but also because it would introduce a whole new category of device.

About the Tesla mobile phone

It seems like Tesla’s cell phone would be the perfect device for those who want the best of double worlds: a powerful, feature-rich gadget that’s stylish and easy to use. Rumors of a mysterious Tesla cell phone are circulating online, but is there any truth to them?


Tesla was long rumored to be working on a mobile phone, but we all know that smartphones never saw the light of day and project. The Tesla phone looks strikingly similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with a few key differences. The Tesla cell phone was rumored to have a larger battery than the iPhone 12 Pro Max and support wireless charging.

However, whether the Tesla cell phone would be compatible with existing cellular networks is unknown. Eventually canceled it. The phone is due to cost and production issues. While we know Musk’s vision goes beyond just inventing new technology, he wants to use it to impact the world positively. Unfortunately, the Tesla team remained silent and did not reveal finer details about the alleged new smartphone.

Here’s what Tesla’s CEO had to say about the future of cell phones:

So what makes the Pi phone unique?

Tesla, the world’s biggest maker of electric vehicles, has a history of introducing interesting products such as electric cars, a stainless steel whistle, and power banks that can charge your phone in less than three hours.

The Pi Phone would probably be able to charge itself, thanks to the company’s pioneering work in developing solar cells and batteries. In addition, it can also be connected to the Tesla car charging network, which means you can set your phone on the go. Finally, the Tesla Pi phone would probably have some pretty awesome features, given the company’s track record with innovation.

Features of the Pi

Sources on the Internet have proven that it makes sense for Tesla to enter the smartphone market. But Tesla’s futuristic Model Pi is nothing more than a concept. The CEO of Tesla did not discuss the project for such revolutionary progress.

Here’s an overview of the features:

The body changes color in sunlight thanks to a photochromic coating that captures light from different angles. The body will be built of a robust material instead of glass and boast a distinctive Tesla logo. Elegant and futuristic look. It has four cameras arranged in a square, located in the center of the back case. Users can take photos with one lens while simultaneously recording video with another lens.

The cameras can work with Tesla’s FSD software and act as a second set of eyes for the company’s AI neural network. The front camera will hide under the screen. The fingerprint scanner will also be hide under the display. The mobile phone is integrating with the company’s electric vehicles and allowing users to control the temperature. A built-in feature that will permit users to access Starlink. The mobile could be compatible with Neuralink.

Hardware and specifications

It will boast a resolution of up to 1080p (2778 x 1284) for clear viewing even in the sun! The Pi model would have all the standard high-end features, such as 1-2TB of storage, 16GB or more of RAM, an AMOLED display, and a screen of around 6.5 inches.

How does the Tesla phone work?

From the beginning, Elon has always said that he is focused on three fundamental problems in shaping civilization – Internet access, space exploration, and sustainable energy. It may sound like a massive endeavor requiring significant technological advances to make his vision a reality.

Innovative concept

Elon could combine at least two of these innovative concepts, i.e., Internet access and sustainable energy, into a phone; it would be the perfect recipe for a generation-defining product like the iPhone. 15 years ago.

A phone that not only has an inventive battery but also uses renewable energy to give you longer-lasting results. For example, the back cover could be build from a highly efficient solar panel that makes the phone fully renewable. In addition, numerous reports suggest that the Pi phone will work on Mars using a Starlink connection.

Tesla cell phone release

With so many sources debating the existence of a Tesla cell phone, it’s hard to be convinced if it will be released anytime soon. Experts believe the Texas-based company will release the Pi mobile phone in late 2023 or early 2024. However, some doubt Musk’s capability to deliver on his promises. One time will tell if the Tesla phone becomes a reality.

Rumors of the price of the Tesla phone

Rumors about the price of Tesla phones have been swirling for weeks, and many people are wondering how much the Tesla phone will cost. Assuming that the phone is real and will be launched with basic features, it would likely be priced between $1,000 to $1,300. Tesla Phone Price. Unless Tesla figures out to go all out and include all the expected features, the price could soar to $2,000 or more.