6 Best TextNow Alternatives For Messaging

TextNow Alternatives. The app is one of the most popular messaging programs because it allows users to call and text real numbers using a unique internet-based number. You don’t need an active cell plan to use TextNow. All you have to do is join up with your email address or Facebook account, and you’ll be given your phone number.

1. TextPlus-TextNow Alternatives

I used TextPlus or Text+ as a great alternative to TextNow. Lots of people I know use it too. Create an account simply with a username.

You don’t have to add an email address, but if you want to recover your account if you forget your password or username, I recommend doing so.

When you travel, textPlus lets you stay in touch with your family back home and the people you connect with on the road when you return home.

TextPlus can also use your data plan to send SMS if you have one. In addition, the app provides cheap international calls and free incoming calls.

TextPlus, like TextNow, contains ads. However, I appreciated that for $0.05, you could get rid of ads for a day.

That’s right, five cents! It isn’t a regular subscription, so if you don’t need to use your TextPlus number that day, you don’t have to pay; on the day you need it, you spend five cents to remove ads. It will cost only $0.25 to eliminate ads for a week.

It will only cost you $0.99 per month to go ad-free for a month. And it will only cost you $0.10 to keep your phone number for a month, even if you don’t use it!

You have to renew it every month manually, but it’s still only $1.20 yearly. I like TextPlus so much because it makes it very affordable to keep the same phone number while removing ads.

2. TextMe-TextNow Alternatives

TextMe is another excellent TextNow replacement, with more than ten million downloads on the Google Play Store, indicating that the game is very popular.

To get started, sign in with your email or Facebook account. The downside to TextMe is that, like TextNow, it contains ads that can become annoying after a while.

The interface, on the other hand, was simple.

In addition, you can upgrade your account and remove advertising; the price varies by location.

It also allows you to open many numbers simultaneously, making it the perfect TextNow option.

In addition to removing ads, upgrading your account will allow you to build call forwarding and redirect incoming calls to your mobile number, just like Google Voice.

3. Credit Pack-TextNow Alternatives

Credit packs are also available for purchase. The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper they will be, and these credits will allow you to make international calls. Local calls (calls from a US number to another US phone) are always free. Text messages are also free.

You can get awards for free by completing tasks and paying for them. For example, you can earn 5 to 100 credits by completing an offer or one or two credits by watching a short video ad.

I liked how TextMe provided a list of sites where you can get the area code. For example, there were over 30 area codes to choose from in California!

You also don’t need a phone number in the United States. If you require an international number, TextMe is an excellent choice.

You should get an international phone number if you make many international calls.For example, if you are calling individuals in Australia, you may use an Australian phone number.

While all numbers allow you to send text messages and make phone calls, only (+1) numbers in the United States and Canada will enable you to send MMS messages in text messages.

International phone numbers are not free. The price depends on how long you want to keep your phone number.

You can only pay for three months if you need a foreign number for three months. You can also sign up for a recurring monthly subscription to ensure you never lose your phone number.

4. 2ndLine-TextNow Alternatives

2Line appealed to me because it allows you to create an account with any three-digit area code. For example, when I selected 715, I was presented with a list of ten specific numbers with the area code 715 to choose from.

Tier 2 is $9.99 per month; However, I recommend signing up for a free trial first to try out the app before signing up.

You can use the second phone number to set up a voicemail or auto-reply message. You can also use Call Forwarding to forward calls to your primary Line. 2nd Line is an excellent alternative to TextNow because it allows you to record calls.

You can save a phone call recording for later use, or you may want to record the ring with your instructor to review the lesson later. Whatever your motivation, the ability to record calls is a huge bonus. But make sure you are not breaking any laws.

It is legal to record a telephone conversation in several jurisdictions and countries without the other party’s knowledge. However, it is not allowed in other regions.

5. Hushed

Hushed is a competitor to TextNow that prioritizes privacy. The goal here is not to keep your Hushed number forever but to use it for Craigslist ads, dating sites, and other things while still “burning” it later.

Hushed lets you choose from over 300 area codes in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Seven-day, 30-day, 90-day, and 365-day prepaid plans are available.

UK numbers can call and text other UK numbers, but US and Canadian numbers can only call and text other US and Canadian numbers. However, you can purchase a global package for international calls and messages.

Another reason to go with Hushed over TextNow is its Dropbox and Slack integration.

If you remove the Hushed app, you can save your message history and voicemails to your Dropbox account to browse later. Slack also allows you to send and receive messages, which is very beneficial in the long run.

6. AbTalk

For Android users, AbTalk Call is an excellent alternative to TextNow. AbTalk, like the other apps on this list, doesn’t require a SIM card to get a phone number.

I liked how you can get a bonus of 1000 points just for joining Google or Facebook. Of course, you can still sign up with your email address, but your bonus points will be lower.

Another advantage of AbTalk over TextNow is its built-in VPN! Using a VPN will keep you safe and hide your information when you’re on the phone or browsing the internet. Although a VPN is accessible and free, it does not need to be used if you don’t need it; however, if you use their VPN, you can earn extra points.

You get bonus points for inviting friends. You get 200 points for each referral, with additional credits ranging from 100 to 1,500 points if you refer a specific number of friends.

You can earn up to 700 points every day just by logging in. Points can also purchase at a reasonable price. For $0.99, you can get 16,000 points, and for $3.99, you can get 60,000 points. So what are your options for using points? You can do internment.


All of the apps listed above are excellent TextNow alternatives. Nevertheless, the decision is based on what you value the most. While some apps offer more functionalities than others, they have some disadvantages, such as ads and cost.