Warzone Patch Notes-Call of Duty

Warzone Patch Notes. The last major content update for Warzone has arrived. Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Reloaded, the last major content patch for the game before the release of Warzone 2.0 later this year, is now available on all supported platforms. Raven Software acknowledged that today’s patch is the last update to Warzone’s content and expressed gratitude to players for their support since Warzone’s launch over two years ago. Call of Duty: Warzone Update 1.64 Season 5 Patch Notes Reloaded. The new Call of Duty: Warzone update that was deployed to all supported platforms on September 28th:

REGIMES-Warzone Patch Notes

The biggest hits of the year. We’re excited to bring back many classics and fan-favorite game modes to see the season through. But first, a few ground rules: The video list will be rotated weekly.

We will focus on favoring Fortune’s Keep for all team sizes to best support those training for the upcoming CDL tournament!

  • We will also improve support for our “solo” players with a rich menu. Underserved when it came to solo game modes, so they wanted better to expand the availability and choice of this team size;
  • Battle Royale Solos will cycle through different variations each week:
  • Buyback Solos
  • Battle Royale Solos
  • Caldera Solos Champion

As for LTM’s “Greatest Hits,” players can expect to see the following items in rotation throughout the rest of the game as we move away from daily spins and back to weekly processes:

Rebirth-Warzone Patch Notes

  • Blood Rebirth Money
  • Respawn Payload (in season)
  • Caldera
  • Caldera Iron Trials
  • Caldera Rebirth
  • Golden booty
  • Clash
  • Champion of Caldera
  • Battle Royale Repurchase
  • Sticks and stones (in season)

Caldera Mini-Royale-Warzone Patch Notes

As part of our “Greatest Hits” outro, we’re bringing “Mini-Royale” to Caldera for the first time. This high-intensity, time-to-action regimen will be the perfect note to end the season.

Rebirth Resurgence Supreme. Resurgence Supreme is what the Beenox team considers to be the ultimate version of the fan-favorite Rebirth Resurgence Mode with all new rules: We turned up the tension. The Resurgence Countdown is a bit longer. Also, players have a slight increase in base health to 200 HP. Getting eliminated now shows the location of enemy units as a ping on the minimap for a longer period.

Players now have more control over the respawn countdown. Actions now shorten the countdown twice as fast. Revenge of a squadmate will shorten the countdown significantly. We have created the “ultimate” weapons. Ground loot brings back even more fan weapons. The lowest rarity is Epic. Players will deploy iconic and powerful weapons. All guns will have the best legendary skins.


  • ATMs now appear in Battle Royale!
  • Gulag Tokens and Token Relocation.
  • Doubled the spawn speed of legendary supply boxes.
  • Slightly increased spawn rate in regular Supply Boxes.



At the start of the year, we made improving the quality of life one of our key points. 9 months and over 100+ changes later, we’re happy to reveal the final quality of life improvements below. Again, we thank our entire community for all the constructive feedback and positive engagement you’ve shown each season. Even when turning left instead of right, we were never afraid to try new things to see how they turned out and correct the course based on your feedback if necessary.

QoL update.”Recommended” weapons. Increased the number of players who will see “recommended” weapons appear in Gunsmith. Weapons from Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops: Cold War will also appear as “Recommended” if they are meta-relevant.

Bunkers with gold cards-Warzone Patch Notes

  • Bunkers with gold cards will now have a yellow circle highlighted on the Tac map.
  • Manual gas mask
  • Improved the manual gas mask text in the settings menu for better details on how players manually equip the gas mask.
  • Moved the gas mask as the first item in the quick inventory for easier hand equipping.
  • Supply Box UAVs
  • Supply Box UAVs will no longer display red Rebirth Supply Boxes.


  • General adjustments
  • Land loot benefits
  • The text appears on the UI when the perk is obtained through ground loot.
  • Adjustments to benefits
  • Scavenger Pouch
  • Scavenger bags now drop a guaranteed $1,000 per enemy kill.


  • Field upgrade edits
  • Portable decontamination station
  • Duration increased to 20 seconds from 13 seconds.


  • Land loot and gulag loadings restored
  • If you look into the history of Warzone, you’ll find some of the greatest hits from Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and Vanguard in Ground Loot. In addition, we’ve significantly increased the menu variability from previously available to make the early game more dynamic with each drop.
  • New weapons
  • BP50: Assault Rifle (VG)
  • This fully automatic bullpup assault gun boasts a high rate of fire while remaining deadly and accurate at long range.

Lienna 57: Light Machine Gun (VG)-Warzone Patch Notes

This compact LMG is a capacity of high accuracy sustained fire at short to medium ranges. Weapon modifications.”Assault Rifles.”


  • The maximum damage range increased to 28.62 meters from 24.1 meters
  • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier increased to 1.1 from 1.0
  • Hotel Assault Rifle (VG)
  • The neck damage multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.3
  • Lower torso damage